San Diego Little Italy Scavenger Hunt

Our culinary scavenger hunt, known for years as our little italy treasure hunt is a team building activity for both corporate and non corporate groups interested in seeing the near downtown San Diego neighborood

A culinary scavenger hunt inspired event visiting Little Italy (other neighborhoods in San Diego will be available in the near future). The based on elements of Storybook Little Italy

Ahoy, mates! All hands on deck! Our treasure hunt is an adventure around San Diego's Italian quarter. This super engaging activity is designed to improve team bondin.

Guests receive a treasure map and explore historic Little Italy to solve riddles, uncover intriguing local historical trivia, complete challenges, hunt for clues, search for hidden neighborhood landmarks, collect local botanicals etc. take evidentiary photographs etc. while enhancing team spirit with some serious fun.

The winning team receives a fabulous gift basket of Italian food/wine and a certificate of recognition with their corporate logo printed on it! Upon completion of the treasure hunt, team leaders are given keys to our Little Italy Treasure Chest.

One and only one of these keys will actually open the treasure chest to reveal a clue to a special gift for the cap'n (team group leader) and his lucky crew.

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