Our Current San Diego Food Tours

check out our calendar below. We run private events every day of the week as well.

San Diego Food Tour

The 3.5 hour tour takes you through San Diego's iconic Little Italy to learn about its history and try specially created dishes at 4 restaurants and samples at an authentic italian market!

Little Italy Food Tour

Customized Dine Around (private group, corporate only)

The evening dine around is a more formal event, with typically fewer courses and the options for specially paired wines (or other options) with each course. Dine Arounds will be offered 1-2 times a month for public signup and nearly every day for private, both corporate and non corporate, events and team building.

San Diego Dine Around

Gift Certificates

Purchase a gift certificate towards a food tour, dine around, culinary event and more! Good for 3 years towards any new food tours or events we develop in the future outside of Little Italy

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