Corporate and non corporate team building

our culinary focused team building activities are custom designed group events that bring together your corporate or non-corporate group in an engaging and enjoyable style

Taste San Diego Food Tours, working alongside sister company 4Lobe Events San Diego, possesses the capabilities to develop, run, and fully manage your corporate and non corporate team building events with a focus on proving the best possible activity to your group.

team building

Enjoy specially created events put together in order to promote bonding for guests in both corporate and non corporate groups with a number of options.

Creating events based on your needs and wants.

Our accounts and operations teams will work closely with you in order to turn your ideas into a fully functioning event. With ten years and over a thousand corporate/group clients, we can utilize successful events as a start point and make them work for you.

Our account team can help create a fantastic event for your group can adjust all of our events, tours and other activities. Examples are our Culinary Challenge series, culinary scavenger hunts, dine arounds, cooking classes, and food tours.

San Diego Culinary Challenge

Team Building activity for corporate and non corporate groups

culinary challenge

Our award-winning Culinary Challenge series are exciting, interactive events available throughout San Diego that will test knowledge, skills, and ability in interactive competitions where participants collaborate in exciting and innovative ways that involve food and drink.

In many cases, culinary challenges are used by organizations interested to meet new colleagues, overcome difficult issues, creating meaningful connections, or for just having a fun experience outside of the office.

Each group will receive a basic recipe and all the ingredients to prepare the recipe on their Team's table. Each unique recipe will represent a different country throughout the world (other themes besides Around the World are available).

During the cooking competition, each team will be tasked with creating a beautifully plated “full dish” as well as bite-sized ramekins of the dish, one for every person attending the event. Should the team not complete this task within the time provided, points will be taken away.

While the dishes are still hot, all guests and judges will meander around the room, sampling each of the dishes. Finally, teams will present their “full size” dish to the judges and give their presentation, OR your peers will vote on whose dish was best.

Example culinary challenges

  • iron chef inspired
  • Around the world
  • Cake creations
  • Craft cocktail challenge
  • Cupcake Wars inspired
  • The ultimate spice mix
  • choppedinspired

Our goal

Taste San Diego Food Tours is focused on providing tours and events that forge bonds between individuals in your group, whether it is corporate, or non corporate, by providing situations where individuals must function together as a team to win. Our team building activities and events have a competitive component that can be adjusted to suit the needs of your team.

Our staff provides your team with detailed proposals, images, and videos as needed, for events based on your constraints, including time, budget and group size.

Please email us or call us at 619.330.9404 for more information.

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